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“How can we make the journey from farm to fork greener and fairer in Nairobi?”

We recently entered a global sustainability competition called The Clean Energy Challenge. Founded by the organisation What Design Can Do, the challenge is aimed at creative thinkers and entrepreneurs all over the world.

The competition is run every year and this years challenge centered around five cities. Cities consume the majority of the energy supply, often powered by fossil fuels. Therefore cities and metropolitan areas offer a huge opportunity to transform the way we generate and use energy. You can read more about the competition here.

Working closely with researchers, experts and designers in 5 globally influential cities the team crafted a brief for Nairobi in Kenya. The agriculture in Kenya emitted 62.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2013, and rapid urbanisation is stretching the food and agriculture systems to its limits.

We are thrilled to have been nominated as one of the finalists. Out of 452 projects submitted around the world, our Taste Not Waste idea made it through to the final international jury.

See the pitch video below, and you can view the entire project here.


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