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When is the only time you get a house looking perfect?
It’s when you’re trying to sell it.

All those little jobs get done, you deep clean the place, every bit of DIY is completed in order to make it look attractive to a new buyer.

You fix on that skirting board, you fill those cracks in the wall, that picture finally goes up, the creaking door gets oiled, the new bathroom gets ordered etc etc.

I remember when I sold my last house, I didn’t actually want to leave because it looked so good!

Now think about your business.

How many little jobs are there to do?
How much BiY is there to do? (Business it Yourself)
Does your office need a clean?
Are the brochures ready?
Does that ‘values’ picture need to go up?
Did you order the new posh business cards?
Is the new sales presentation ready?
Is your shop front looking clean?
Is your website shop front looking clean?
Are the messages right?
Is your Linked In profile up-to-date?
Have you written any blogs lately?

You only get your house ready when you’re trying to sell it. But what are you doing with your business every day? Trying to sell it.

Potential buyers are walking through the door every day. It’s like a permanent open house.

Get ready to sell.

Paul Dodd

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