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You’re walking down the street looking for a restaurant to visit.

Do you go into the lively restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere, or do you go into the one that looks like a ghost town with nobody in and waiters kicking the floor?

Think of this as a metaphor for your content marketing.

The ‘ghost town restaurant’ brand has a website that looks like it was built in 2007. The last blog post was about running a charity 10k in 2011. There is a Facebook news feed on the website (who uses them anymore?) and the page has about 6 likes. You do a quick search for the MD but can’t find anything, just a LinkedIn profile that hasn’t been updated for years. The only shots on the website, that aren’t stock photography, are profile pictures taken on a phone.

Now consider the ‘queuing to get in the door restaurant’ brand. The website is a slick and modern piece of marketing. There was a blog post published yesterday with some insights and thought leadership on the industry. The brand has won some awards recently. There are press releases to read. The MD is asked to write articles for magazines and gets featured as a guest blogger. They have profile pictures that don’t look they’re from the 1990s with dodgy haircuts. They have great video content and testimonials that are current and fresh.

Which ‘restaurant’ are you going to want to visit?

Be the brand that looks modern, active, lively and attractive to people. Look like you’re creating a virtual queue outside your brand, the place in town that everyone wants to be on the guest list for.

Vicki Maher

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