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People decide to buy emotionally, then justify logically.

We all like to think we make measured and justified decisions when buying something, yet our unconscious mind has already made the decision for us. And it happened way before you think you made it.

That’s where brand and word-of-mouth play a massive part in securing new customers. The unconscious emotional decisions have already started long before the point of purchase.

What do people think of your brand?

How does it make them feel?

What things have they heard about you?

Who else has bought your product or service?

Does it look good?

The unconscious has processed all this stuff and has generally made it’s mind up when you are with a new prospect, or your product is in their hands. Often the sales close is a matter of emotionally sealing the deal, of helping the prospect really picture how it will FEEL to work with you or use your stuff. Sales has been called a ‘transfer of enthusiasm’.

Don’t underestimate the power of the emotional sale. Ensure you’re speaking to their unconscious mind and paint pictures with words and images of how they’ll feel getting results from your service or product.

Paul Dodd

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