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We recently started working with a charity called Urban Sprawl (

They are Yorkshire’s only homeless theatre company, formed in August 2004, they are committed towards using theatre as an arts engagement tool to help people affected by homelessness and related issues.

We ran a free marketing strategy session with their publicity manager Lucy Meredith, who had expressed the desire to start networking with the business market in order to source some funding.

One of our ideas was to create a totally unique business card, something that would help Urban Sprawl get remembered and talked about. We designed and produced a stamp, that enabled them to rip any old piece of cardboard and stamp their business card details into it.

We also proposed an ambient marketing campaign, our idea was to bleach their logo into various streets around Leeds.

After our marketing workshop Lucy said:

The help ALLGOOD gave us was really useful. From understanding how to focus on your target audience, tips on how to approach them, to practical marketing ideas and tricks to use on specific market areas. 





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