The Ancient Grain Company approached us with a bold mission – create a name and brand for a new oat milk that can shake up the market. A market worth over $3 billion and dominated by some big players. Our branding workshop uncovered the key differentiators: their use of pure 100% Irish Oats and their secret formulation that guaranteed a frothier, tastier experience, especially in coffee. The feedback was clear, it was a superior, oatier drink. So we called it Oatier. The creamier, dreamier, frothier oat milk about to take on the mammoth task of standing out in a busy market.



Oatier. The drink that proudly declares to be simply oatier than the rest. Tastier than the rest. And cheekier than the rest. Our team got to work brainstorming and writing an entire language for Oatier, creating a tone of voice that the brand could own, something built from the name upwards. Armed with a whole set of comparative adjectives and a smattering of puns, we then had to craft an identity that stood out in the marketplace.


In a sea of oat milks, something bold had to happen for Oatier to stand out. We wanted our brand to jump off shelf, so we crafted a logo and typestyle that felt like it jumped off the pack, with a big chunky drop shadow commanding attention. Laying out the logo vertically down the pack helped maximise space and ensured Oatier popped as much as it could pop.


Oatier is now hitting the cafés of Dublin in their quest to dominate the Irish market, capitalising on their Irish heritage and their use of 100% Irish oats. Their Barista Oat carton is taking the coffee world by storm, as it confidently claims to steam better, pour better, froth better and taste better than the rest. This has been a core part of our branding launch for Oatier, with a clear focus on the coffee moment, cafés, latte art and a whole load of content aimed at baristas.


Oatier is now establishing itself as a real challenger brand in Ireland. From barista training competitions to coffee-sipping Spotify playlists, from latte art throwdowns to merchandise bundles. ALLGOOD are creating content on the daily and working in partnership with the amazing Oatier team to shake up the oat drink market and help this new brand stand oat.


“We struck gold when we got a recommendation for ALLGOOD. We were charmed by their infectious energy and enthusiasm for branding, and knew we’d found a great partner. And that’s how the relationship has been over the past three years – a partnership where we share ideas and challenge each other to grow our business to new heights. What started as a brief for brand creation has grown into ALLGOOD being embedded into our organisation, in effect as our marketing department.

The quality of outputs is always first class, and the team are responsive to requests, even when time pressures are mounting. As a small but ambitious brand, ALLGOOD have been a tremendous resource for us to have at our disposal, and have been instrumental in creating the brand that Oatier is today.”

Neil Brady
Managing Director of Oatier

With special thanks to Neil Brady, Eddy O’Connor and the rest of the Oatier team and a big shout out to Nancy Anne Harbord for the incredible photography.