Company perks. A multi-billion dollar industry designed to help attract and keep employees. But what if an employee perk could also help the planet? What if you could help reduce carbon and move us all towards a zero carbon economy? This was the idea of Klimatribe. A new way of thinking about perks. Instead of free food and a ping pong table, they want to offer a portal into emissions reduction. A company-backed scheme where every employee has their carbon footprint measured, before engaging in a whole series of gamified and fun challenges to reduce their carbon to zero. All funded by their employer.


The founders approached us with a bold vision – to spread the message of climate action to millions of people. They identified that engaging employees in climate issues via their workplace was an untapped area. Most climate consultancies only deal with the carbon emissions of the company itself. The first thing they needed was a name. Something that captured the mission and bottled the vibe of working together as a team. Through our brand naming process we created ‘Klimatribe’. The concept of racing to net zero together, as a work tribe.

With a name in the bag, we went about creating the strategy for the brand. Benefits are usually geared around the individual, such as eye tests, retail discounts and holiday allowance. Klimatribe is different, it’s about working together with your fellow employees to measure, track and reduce carbon as a team. No-one else in the space had this kind of employee perk. The brand was built around the concept of tribes, from the copy to the ‘cave drawing’ inspired icons.

Getting employees engaged in climate action might be seen as greenwashing or an empty promise, so Klimatribe decided to make things more fun. By gamifying the carbon reductions it creates a sense of camaraderie and competition between people, teams and departments. All housed in an app, the tribes can login and check their progress towards their carbon goals. It also enables employees to see how their team members are doing and check out league tables of the best Klimateers in the company. It’s time to subscribe with your tribe.

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