Carbs. Love or hate em, they’re fully loaded up in most of the foods we eat. That’s why Carblo was born, to cater for people who are living a different lifestyle – whether it’s Keto, LCHF, Diabetics or people just wanting to reduce the refined carbs in their diets. They approached us with a big mission – create an exciting new brand that becomes the number one name in low carb living. Here’s the lo down.




We started with the story. Inspired by the name and the mission, we created a whole brand language that flipped the meaning of ‘low’ on its head. So Carblo is setting the bar lo. The fans are lo lifes. And the brand never keeps a lo profile. A cheeky position that becomes their trademark copy style.

We then crafted a bold and bright brand, one that can confidently ask people to be a lo life. A brand that says ‘we’ve reached a lo point’ needs to do the exact opposite. Armed with a gorgeous colour palette and a signature type style, Carblo is ready to lower carbs but big up life.

Launching with three pizzas, Carblo is poised to hit the marketplace and there’s no limit for how lo it can go. With eyes set on the keto consumers first and foremost, the product utilises almond flour to reduce the carbohydrate content of typically carby foods. The range can flex across lo carb versions of pizza, pasta, rice and all your favourite cupboard staples. With our cheeky brand and copy, it’s definitely not going to be lo key.


“The team at ALLGOOD were such a pleasure to work with on this project. The brand they’ve created is so vivid and distinctive that it’s a photographer’s dream to shoot, but the process of doing so was helped by a team that are the most organised, clear and agile that I can remember working with! Beth and Holly were fantastic at communicating and making decisions quickly, and they had such a good balance between setting direction and letting me add my spin on to the project; as a result working with the ALLGOOD team felt more like a partnership than a client/supplier relationship.”

Ricky Bonici
Double The Sugar

Carblo is a concept project in collaboration with Double The Sugar Studios and For The Flavour.
Huge thanks to Ricky Bonici for his incredible photography and to Verity Walcott for styling the shots so beautifully.