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We’re delighted to have been appointed as the new agency for The Broadway Bradford, the city’s newest and most luxurious shopping and leisure destination.

This summer, The Broadway invited ALLGOOD to a four way pitch to become their branding and marketing agency of choice. The team were looking for an experienced branding agency to re-imagine The Broadway brand and lead their creative campaigns from 2020 and beyond.

ALLGOOD have never pitched before, but we really wanted to win this one…and we had a show stopping idea…

The vision is to make The Broadway the shopping and leisure destination of choice for Bradfordians and the wider catchment. The recent addition of The Light Cinema and Pizza Express has enhanced the evening offer within the city, and helped to create the full day shopper experience sought after by affluent catchments.

So, the brief in a nutshell was to ‘present conceptual ideas on how The Broadway can move from a shopping centre to a leisure destination’.

What if we hire The Light cinema to pitch in?

The ALLGOOD team had created some amazing creative in a short space of time, but we didn’t want to pitch it in the normal way. We knew that every other agency would be pitching in The Broadway’s meeting room.

So we had the big idea…‘What if we hire The Light cinema and pitch on the big screen?’

We knew we were onto a winner. The brief was to re-position The Broadway as a leisure destination, by pitching in their own cinema we would be bringing a sense of drama, entertainment and leisure to the actual pitch presentation. We had to maximise the impact of the giant screen and sound system, so the team created a mind blowing movie trailer about ALLGOOD to start off the pitch. We even recorded our director Paul doing a voiceover for the ‘turn off your mobile phone’ intro (we namecheck the social media manager Sophia in this for a bit of fun).

You can watch the trailer below, just imagine you are in a cinema!

The day of the pitch arrives.

The Broadway knew nothing about what was going to happen.

We arrive with hours to spare and get our presentation setup in the cinema. We’d designed our own ‘pitch popcorn’ bags, filled to the brim with gorgeously prepared cinema-style popcorn. We had also designed our own branded ‘pitch pop’ cups, filled with soft drinks. The designers were adorned as ushers with The Light Cinema lanyards and torches, ready to direct people to their seats. Our Director Paul had three cinema tickets in his suit pocket, hand-crafted by us to welcome The Broadway to our pitch.

Flipping the pitch

Paul makes his way over to The Broadway Centre Management suite, a short walk from the cinema, and gets greeted by James Kundi – Marketing Manager. With no visible laptop, creative boards or even a member of the team, James is worried the pitch is going to be a disaster! Paul starts with “I’d like to do things a bit differently today. I’ve got an idea….but I need you all to follow me”. Instantly the vibe in the room changes, everyone stands up and Paul ushers them out of the room, into the lift and then out of the building.

At the entrance to the cinema, the penny starts to drop and Paul leads the Broadway team up the stairs and whips out the tickets “I’d like to invite you all to the ALLGOOD pitch today, we’re in Screen No 5”. Vicki (Senior Designer) is waiting at the entrance to ‘check their tickets’. She rips off the ticket stubs and ushers them into the cinema using a torch. Madeleine (Designer) is waiting at the seats to provide them with pitch popcorn and pitch pop.

The VIP experience

The team take their seats and sample the popcorn.
The excited chatter stops.
Silence descends.

Paul clicks the button and BOOM, a movie trailer about ALLGOOD and the pitch of a lifetime explodes onto the screen. The sound shakes the cinema and rattles the bones of everyone in there. It’s a visceral assault on the senses and all thoughts of other agencies disappear.

The trailer finishes and Paul walks to the front as the lights draw up.

“Hello, welcome to our pitch.”

Paul then delivers a lively and animated pitch presentation over the next 90 minutes. With our vibrant creative exploding onto the gigantic cinema screen, we had never looked so good.

The Broadway want to be at the heart of Bradford’s regeneration, leaving a legacy of positive change.

It had been mentioned in the briefing process how negative the local press can be about Bradford, so right at the end of pitch we ‘delivered’ a newspaper from the future. Lovingly designed and printed by our team, the newspaper from 2024 told the story of Bradford’s regeneration and how The Broadway team had been integral to the change. The rest of the paper served as an overview of ALLGOOD, the company and examples of our work. A beautiful touch at the end of a legendary pitch.

The Broadway team were blown away and the ALLGOOD team were on a high.

The entire pitch had been exciting, fun, different and memorable.
We didn’t envy the two agencies who had to pitch AFTER that!

The next week we found out that we had won the pitch. James, marketing manager, told us that even though the pitch was perfect, it was our creative and thinking that won the day. We’re so excited to be working with The Broadway, and can’t wait to show you our work over the coming year. Scroll down to see the amazing feedback on our pitch.

ALLGOOD’s pitch went above and beyond the brief and surprised us from the very onset as Paul arrived at our offices empty handed – no laptop or USB in sight! He then asked us to follow him out of our offices in which we soon realised we were heading to The Light Cinema. We were each given retro style cinema tickets to an exclusive screening of ‘The Pitch: An ALLGOOD Production’, complete with our names and ALLGOOD branded popcorn and drinks on arrival, which I thought was a very nice touch! We were treated to a VIP experience from start to finish and the attention to detail was very impactful.

As we took our seats an epic cinematic intro almost fooled us into think we were about to watch an action packed blockbuster! Presenting the pitch at The Light Cinema, cleverly touched on one of our creative brief’s main requirements which is to incorporate the cinema and leisure offering more prominently in our creative branding.

It was clear from the references to ALLGOOD’s brainstorming and note taking sessions that they had done an impeccable amount of research. The substance of ALLGOOD’s pitch equally matched its style and their unique creative routes wowed as much as the experience itself!