Our client approached us with a bold mission “We want to end the single-use of plastic cleaning bottles”. The huge chemical manufacturers make us believe that we need different cleaners for different uses around the house – one for your kitchen, one for your cooker, one for your windows, one for your bathroom, one for your toilet.

One Off told us that they’d formulated a cleaner that does all of the above, really effectively. It cleans your windows as well as it cleans your oven. This literally removes the need for over 75% of your household plastic bottles. Immediately you’re saving the planet and saving money.


But the planet saving doesn’t stop there.

They also wanted to tackle our wasteful single-use of cleaning bottles. Why throw away a perfectly good plastic bottle, just to buy the exact same one again? It’s crazy and basically born out of convenience. One Off decided to sell their cleaner in large 5L jerry cans, and the customer refills it themselves. Simple. The public has changed their behaviours around plastic bags, we think the plastic cleaning bottle is next.