An ambitious young Juhani Meurman told us “We want to bring one of Scandinavia’s favourite healthy snacks to Britain”. Quark is typically used as a soft cheese in Britain, but European countries eat it like yoghurt as it’s high in protein and low in fat. Our job was to make it modern, clean and vibrant.

We were tasked with creating a desirable, young, quirky brand to complement the healthy aspects of the product. Eaten as a breakfast or a snack, it’s easily embellished with piles of fruit and is a perfect addition to the gym goers, slimmers and instagrammers. We took our design lead from the clean and minimal Scandinavian roots, using colour and clean typography to set the tone perfectly.


“These Nutrii Quark yogurts make life so much easier and tastier for us. Especially because they are FAT FREE and yummy…we recently tried a tub or 3 and must say that they were tasty and went well with my fruit on the side.”