Rethinking the Chippy. The classic fish and chip shop, a regular feature on any street corner in Britain, often has no brand. Our strategy for Edward’s Fish and Chip Kitchen was to cook up a new look, one that was instantly recognisable and easily rolled out to another five restaurants as part of the growth plans.


Sustainability on the menu.

Edward’s are dedicated to providing 100% sustainably sourced food. It’s a personal mission by their founder David Holdsworth, who realises that we all need to play a part in ensuring our food choices are fit for the planet as well as our pockets. They are also proud to state that no single-use plastics are used in the restaurant.

We injected some energy into the brand through clever copylines and hand-drawn illustrations. The Edward’s menu is printed like a newspaper to give nod to the old custom of wrapping fish and chips in actual newspaper. The colours and vibrancy create a striking and modern brand for a ‘chippy’!